Monday, May 15, 2017

Checkout Reasons You Must Always Attend Lectures

i could remember i wrote jamb for 5 years and i got admission on the 5th year.
I will have to admit, i am the kind of person who hates reading till date, infact i hate reading. But i will advice you not to, pls don't hate it for your own sake!

When i was in primary school i was a dark horse, people taught it was because i was attending a private school. when my family was in financial crisis, my dad moved me to a public school in lagos. My first term i got a 2nd position, followed by a 3rd position in my second and followed by 1st in my third.
Excellent was ingrained on my testimonial leaving at the end of my primary 6.

when i got into secondary school, i was referred to as an average student sitting between the dull and the brilliant student. i always sat at the back to avoid teachers attention little did i know i was doing myself lol, i always almost didn't gain anything in class. My first waec i had a F9 in english, did GCE thesame year i still failed English with a D7, before i got a C5 the following year in English. I was a science student.

When i got into the higher institution things changed, i saw the mad race people were running for good grades. But i had a goal, what was it? Get a minimum of 2,1. I didn't mind not so brilliant of a person i was but i knew one thing, I was smart.

I attended classes when others didn't, i realised that attending classes and always sitting in the front row, i would gain everything the lecturer said. I didnt have to read books, i discovered myself. I realised i didn't have to read for long periods to pass. All i did was recieve lectures and understand as much possible i could when i got home, all i had to do was take my bath, eat and go through what i had learnt in 10mins per course then go to bed. I mean 10mins a course. During tests i played all through and sat for my test and got good marks.

During exam periods i didn't read for an hour per course. when the results came out my GP was hanging on a 3.16, my school uses 4.0 as max CGPA. Did thesame thing in the second semester my CGPA became 3.23. in my second year. 

I had financial issues and didn't attend lectures regularly, when results came out, i had dropped below 3.23 CGPA but still remain within the CGPA of 3.

This is the semester i read the most because i was missing class. Then i realised that no matter how long i read if i had missed classes i wouldn't understand what i read because i was not in class. Come to think of it, If you could read your way through school without lecturers, why are the lectures there to give you lectures? If you are the reading type pls still attend lectures...what is the point of reading and not understanding? why do you think a firm will employ a graduate with 2,1 that understood what he/she did while in school over a 1st class cramming machine? there are no 2 ways about it!