Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NYSC To Start Posting Youth Corpers To Farms

NYSC To Start Posting Youth Corpers To Farms

The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, will start posting corps members to farms, according to the corp's Director General Suleiman Kazaure.

Speaking in an interview during his official visit to the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp in Sagamu, Ogun State, he said this move is in line with the agricultural development programme of the NYSC.

He said that Bauchi, Oyo, Kebbi and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, had been earmarked for the pilot phase.

“It should interest you to know that the NYSC will soon begin its agricultural development scheme where corps members will be posted to farms for their primary assignments.

“Already the NYSC has acquired active farmlands across the nation’s geopolitical zones with four already fully operational in Kwali, Bauchi, Oyo and Kebbi.

“After this orientation programme for the Batch ‘A’ corps members, we will begin posting some of them to these farms as a pilot phase.

“Though we are starting with four states for now, we will integrate the other states as time goes, the project is ongoing,” Mr. Kazaure said.

He also tasked the corps members not to seek white-collar jobs which were non-existent but rather develop their potentials for entrepreneurship excellence. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Iheanacho To WestHam United Makes Him Most Expensive Nigerian Player

Iheanacho To WestHam United Makes Him Most Expensive Nigerian Player

Kelechi Iheanacho will undergo a medical tomorrow with English Premier League side West Ham after Manchester City accepted a bid of £24m for his transfer to the hammers.

The price West Ham are paying for his services makes him the most expensive Nigerian player as his fee eclipsed the 20 million pounds Chanchung Yatai paid for Odion Ighalo for his transfer from Watford.

Iheanacho will team up with West Ham on a permanent deal, with Manchester City having the option of buying him back after two years ‎according to reports gathered by Owngoalnigeria.com editorial team.

The 20 year old lost his spot at Manchester City following the arrival of Gabriel Jesus, who pushed him further down the pecking order leading to the forward missing out on some of the matchday squad of manager Pep Guardiola.

His move will be officially announced tomorrow after a medical which will take place in France, where he is on duty with the Super Eagles of Nigeria for the games against Corsica and Togo.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Must Read Message For Single Ladies That Want To Get Married

Must Read Message For Single Ladies That Want To Get Married

Ladies Immediately after Church service you just pack your Bible and be rushing home, you would not give a brother a chance to talk to you/after you will be praying to get married in December, shebi it's Angel Gabriel that will come and woo you in the spirit?

I wonder what you kept in that your house. A brother will be eyeing you in the church, hoping for an opportunity to come over and introduce himself, but before they share the grace in fellowship fiaaaaaam!! you done disappear with your high heels, stop behaving like that aunty, it's not good oo, that's one of the causes of delay.

Atleast stay a while after service, say your thanksgiving prayer silently and sit down small, wave and smile at some folks you know and exchange hellos, abi how does it use to do you?

You think all those fine suits and sleek texudo we use to wear in the Lord don't have purpose? you cannot even wait small and notice our new shoe, mtcheeewwwww, Every time we try to get close youll be forming serious sister and be scaring somebody, as if it's only you the preaching use to touch. If you like run home this sunday, don't wait let somebody see chance and talk to you.... Nonsense

Monday, May 15, 2017

10 Safety Tips Every Taxi Passenger Must Know

10 Safety Tips Every Taxi Passenger Must Know

Planning on boarding a taxi ?,whether its the "local" ones or one of the services springing up from all nook and crannies.Your safety is of utmost importance.

So what safety procedures should you take ?.

In no particular order, lets find out !.

1.Make Use Of Parks

If you are going the "local" or regular way ,I mean the "kabu kabu" ,make sure you make use of parks .Its easy to identify them,look out for logos and sign boards designated to an association of taxi drivers .

2.Use Trusted Services

If you have to go the other way and make use of modern services that are springing up everyday,be careful to use the genuine ones .There are quite a lot of ride sharing and taxi services springing up nowadays,so be careful.

3.Always Sit At The Back

We Africans love respect ,and we have this notion that when you sit at the back of a car while an elderly man drives ,its disrespectful.Bear in mind that its a professional service being rendered and your safety comes first.

When you sit at the front its easy to gain access to you if any harm is intended.

4.Try Not To Travel At Night

I know this seems too pushy ,but its best if you can just avoid night travels .

Its easy for harm to come to you when you travel at night ,not just from the taxi driver ,but from other factors such as armed robbery.

5. Send The Plate Number To Someone Close

Just as an extra line of defense and safety,take a picture of the car and the plate number and send it to a family or friend .

6. Share Your Location At All Times

Sending the car information is not enough , he could have placed a decoy plate number .

So at all times share your location ,there are apps that can help you share your real time location with a loved one .

7. Always Have A Decoy ATM Card

Don't carry your 'real' ATM card with you,move around with another with very little cash meant for emergency.

When you need more cash you can always do a transfer .

8. Be Polite

The rate at which taxi drivers are beating people up, especially women is getting alarming .

I am in no way supporting violence,but cases like this can be averted if passengers are polite .Passengers,mostly Nigerians like behaving like kings when they board a taxi.

So be polite always and avoid confrontation .

9. Maintain Eye Contact

When negotiating with the driver before boarding ,maintain eye contact with him/her.

Most times when they have ulterior motives they would get jittery and try to avoid eye contact.

10. Surrender

I hope it doesn't happen,but if everything goes bad and he turns out to be a robber .Just give up all your items,don't struggle .Your life is more valuable than all what you own.

Enjoyed this ?

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Checkout Reasons You Must Always Attend Lectures

Checkout Reasons You Must Always Attend Lectures

i could remember i wrote jamb for 5 years and i got admission on the 5th year.
I will have to admit, i am the kind of person who hates reading till date, infact i hate reading. But i will advice you not to, pls don't hate it for your own sake!

When i was in primary school i was a dark horse, people taught it was because i was attending a private school. when my family was in financial crisis, my dad moved me to a public school in lagos. My first term i got a 2nd position, followed by a 3rd position in my second and followed by 1st in my third.
Excellent was ingrained on my testimonial leaving at the end of my primary 6.

when i got into secondary school, i was referred to as an average student sitting between the dull and the brilliant student. i always sat at the back to avoid teachers attention little did i know i was doing myself lol, i always almost didn't gain anything in class. My first waec i had a F9 in english, did GCE thesame year i still failed English with a D7, before i got a C5 the following year in English. I was a science student.

When i got into the higher institution things changed, i saw the mad race people were running for good grades. But i had a goal, what was it? Get a minimum of 2,1. I didn't mind not so brilliant of a person i was but i knew one thing, I was smart.

I attended classes when others didn't, i realised that attending classes and always sitting in the front row, i would gain everything the lecturer said. I didnt have to read books, i discovered myself. I realised i didn't have to read for long periods to pass. All i did was recieve lectures and understand as much possible i could when i got home, all i had to do was take my bath, eat and go through what i had learnt in 10mins per course then go to bed. I mean 10mins a course. During tests i played all through and sat for my test and got good marks.

During exam periods i didn't read for an hour per course. when the results came out my GP was hanging on a 3.16, my school uses 4.0 as max CGPA. Did thesame thing in the second semester my CGPA became 3.23. in my second year. 

I had financial issues and didn't attend lectures regularly, when results came out, i had dropped below 3.23 CGPA but still remain within the CGPA of 3.

This is the semester i read the most because i was missing class. Then i realised that no matter how long i read if i had missed classes i wouldn't understand what i read because i was not in class. Come to think of it, If you could read your way through school without lecturers, why are the lectures there to give you lectures? If you are the reading type pls still attend lectures...what is the point of reading and not understanding? why do you think a firm will employ a graduate with 2,1 that understood what he/she did while in school over a 1st class cramming machine? there are no 2 ways about it!
Meet The Naija Man Arrested For Duping Girls In India

Meet The Naija Man Arrested For Duping Girls In India

An international gang involved in duping girls in Jaipur after befriending them on matrimonial sites was busted. Those arrested include a Nigerian youth. Police officials said that the gang committed at least 14 frauds in the past 10 days. This fact came to the light when cops checked one of the accused man’s bank account and found transaction of more than Rs 10 lakh in this period.

The accused were identified Kenena Solomon (41), a resident of Olowale Stivictoria island in Nigeria, and Kaushal Prasad Gupta (35). Kaushal belongs to Bihar and was currently living in New Delhi. 

A similar gang had been busted by Bikaner police last month. Both the gangs committed frauds with same modus operandi.

The gang members would befriend girls on matrimonial sites, posing as non-resident Indians (NRIs).

“This particular gang was busted when we launched an investigation into an FIR lodged on May 3 by a Adarsh Nagar-based girl in Jaipur,” said commissioner of police Sanjay Agarwal.

The officer said that she had been contacted by one Kelvin who claimed he worked with a company in London as an advisor. He promised to marry the girl and said that he would settle in India after the wedding. Kelvin told the girl he needed to transfer some money and other valuables to India before moving.

On May 2, the girl received a call from a woman, identifying herself as Simran. She said she was a customs officer in Delhi.

“The girl said that the customs department had seized gold biscuits, electronic items and 75,000 British pounds. The girl was asked to pay the customs department Rs 40,000 as taxes to take possession of the confiscated items. In installments, the girl paid a total of Rs 1.35 lakh in name of various clearances,” said DCP, west Kunwar Rasthradeep.

The accused Nigerian national had come to India on a tourist visa. He didn’t leave the country even after his visa expired. He had been living in India illegally for the past eight months.

The police have found some banks accounts belonging to the gang members. They were opened on the basis of forged documents.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Babatunde Kasali Is The New Wema Bank Chairman

Babatunde Kasali Is The New Wema Bank Chairman

Former Chairman Adeyinka Asekun, following his nomination as an Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which has now been confirmed by the Senate has resigned as the chairman of Wema Bank Plc and Babatunde Kasali appointed as new chairman. 

Asekun became the Chairman of Wema Bank in 2012​ and​ played a leading role in the successful turnaround and transformation of the Bank which has culminated in the introduction of Africa’s first fully digital Bank (ALAT).

​K​asali​, the new chairman,​ is a consummate professional with expertise in Audit, Risk Management, Compliance and Retail banking, spanning over 3 decades.

He ha​d​ served as General Manager and Regional Bank Head for United Bank for Africa Plc., a bank he joined in 1996. ​He​ held several positions such as; Chief Inspector, Regional Director and Divisional Director.

​Kasali also served as Managing Director of Resolution and Restructuring Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON).

Kasali has been a Non-Executive Director at UAC of Nigeria Plc. since March 27, 2013 and was a Non-Executive Director of UACN Property Development Company Plc., from January 13, 2010 to March 24, 2013.

He had from February 2015 to November 26, 2015 served as a Non-Executive Director of Wema Bank Plc.

Kasali is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. He graduated with B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in Economics from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK in 1977.

Friday, May 12, 2017

How National Assembly Packed N6.4bn For Buying Cars Alone

How National Assembly Packed N6.4bn For Buying Cars Alone

The national assembly on Thursday disclosed the details of its 2017 budget. This was after eight years of keeping it a guarded secret.

The total budget for the legislature this year is N125bn. This is N10bn higher than that of last year – of which details were not disclosed.

While the senate will splash N2.6bn on automobiles, the house will do the same at the cost of N3.8bn.

However, there seems to be a niggling issue with the budgetary allocation for cars. N6.4bn was earmarked for the purchase of “motor vehicles”.

But when compared with previous spends on cars, the amount beggars belief – it is a far cry from last year’s amount which was about N4.7bn.

In February 2016, the management of the national assembly took delivery of 10 princely cars for the senate president at the cost of about N330m. This was when the country was in the throes of recession.

And in November of the same year, the house of representatives took delivery of some Peugeot 508 series at the cost of about N3.6bn for its members.

Federal lawmakers will spend N235m on newspapers alone.

While the senate will spend N424m on photocopying machines and other office equipment, the house will spend N353m on the same.

Also, the upper legislative chamber will spend N293m on the printing of non-security document and N247m on medical supplies while the lower legislative chamber will spend N686m on printing and N503m on medical supplies.

For security services, the senate will spend N449m while the house has N960m for the same purpose.

The legislators in the upper legislative chamber will spend N578m on fuel and lubricants while those in the lower chamber will spend N1.6bn on the same.

For refreshments and meals senators will spend N409m; for publicity and advertisement N1.4 billion, while their counterparts in the house will gulp N913m for the same items.

Contingency and programme activities for the senate will take N1.3bn and N2.6 billion respectively, while the same will take N890m and N3.5bn for the hous
Abia State Gov. Ikpeazu Wins Uche Ogah At The Supreme Court

Abia State Gov. Ikpeazu Wins Uche Ogah At The Supreme Court

The Governor of Abia State, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, on May 12, Defeated Masters Energy CEO, Mr Uche Ogah at the Supreme Court in Abuja. 

It must be recalled that Ikpeazu defeated Ogah in the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, primaries ahead of the 2015 gubernatorial election in the state.

Build Up To The Ruling

Justice Okon Abang of a Federal High Court in Abuja had on June 27, 2016 sacked Ikpeazu from office as governor of Abia State, after the court found him guilty of tax offences.

Abang ordered Ikpeazu to vacate office for Ogah, who challenged Ikpeazu’s eligibility to contest the 2015 governorship election as the flag bearer of the PDP.

Following the judgment and order for the immediate inauguration of Ogah as Abia governor, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, issued him with the Certificate of Return.

The development generated a heated controversy and debate on why INEC acted in a hurry.

But in another judgement in August, 2016, the Court of Appeal affirmed the election of Ikpeazu and quashed the judgment of Justice Abang.

The Court of Appeal described the ruling by Justice Abang as a rape of democracy, and ordered Ikpeazu to retain his office.

Subsequently, Ogah approached the Supreme Court where he prayed that the High Court judgement should be upheld.

The Supreme Court Ruling Today

At the Supreme court Today, the Lead judgment in the Ikpeazu Vs Ogah case was prepared by Hon. Justice Musa Dattijo Mohammed and was read by Hon. Justice Ejembi Eko.

Justice Eko Read: 


"Ladies and gentleman, The good people of Abia State, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, Phd remains the Governor of Abia State" he concluded.
3 Reasons Government May Freeze Your Bank Account

3 Reasons Government May Freeze Your Bank Account

Apart from your activity causing the bank to freeze your account, there are certain times when the government or court may ask the bank to freeze your account.

It can be a nasty surprise to find out that your current account is frozen. When a bank freezes your account, you still have limited access to it. You are able to check your transactions and receive certain deposits. However, you are not able to withdraw or transfer your money until the issue that caused the account to be frozen is cleared.

Make sure to contact your bank immediately if your account is frozen. Bank accounts are frozen for a number of different reasons, and each reason requires specific actions to unfreeze the account.
According to investopedia.com, the following are the top three reasons as to why a bank account may be frozen.

1. Suspicious or illegal activity
A bank can freeze your account when it suspects that you are using your account illegally, such as for money laundering or cashing back cheques. Sometimes a bank also freezes an account in correlation to terrorist financing. This includes receiving suspicious payments from an outside country or depositing large amounts of money suspiciously, which results in your account being flagged. Even gambling can cause a bank to freeze an account if it suspects suspicious activity.

It is rare for bank accounts to be frozen for these instances, especially for users who are innocent. It is best to seek the help of a lawyer to help you clear up this kind of case.

2. Unpaid debts through creditors
Creditors can access your account for unpaid debts; however, the creditor must gain approval from the courts before taking this action. For accountholders who have their loan accounts at the same institution as their bank account, the lender can gain access to a current or savings account in order to collect payment on defaulted loans without filing a lawsuit or obtaining a judgment first. Usually, with these accounts, you must first sign the fine print, which grants the bank this authority.

Once your account is frozen over unpaid debts, it is crucial to get the attorney’s information from your bank immediately. You need to have a better idea of what is going on with your account and work out a payment arrangement. Unfortunately, ignoring a frozen bank account can make the problem worse, causing drops in your credit score and a build-up of bank fees.

3. Unpaid debts to the government
Individuals who owe taxes to the government may also find their bank accounts frozen. For unpaid taxes, the government can issue a tax levy that is not to be lifted until the debt is paid in full.

Should you find out your account is frozen, consult your bank and thereafter seek legal help to aid you in unfreezing the account.